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February 1996

South Bomb Stores
Hardened Squadron Operations Centre
Specal Weapons Store - Concrete Watch Tower
Blg.1007: Special Weapons Store - Trigger Store
Note the false windows
Unknown Building
Blg.1027: Special Weapons Store - 13-Cell Igloo
This long structure was for munition assembly, maintenance and where surveillance inspections were carried out.
Blgs.1001-1004: North Bomb Stores - Storage Igloos
Upper Heyford Transit Ramp
Showing (in the foreground) control tower, flight line aircraft crash fire station, HH-43 helicopter maintenance hangar (nose dock), air rescue & aircrew alert facility and helicopter alert pads. Photo: Stephen P Mock.
Special Weapons Store - August 1997
Oblique aerial view of special weapons store. Note the SAC bubble on the right of the picture with one (later) tab-vee. Photo: Paul Offen

HH-43 (62-4535) 1969
Helicopter in front of DET2 air rescue & recovery wing/aircrew alert facility. Photo: Stephen P Mock

WB-47B at Upper Heyford 1968